ISOPTERRA: Students from Lübeck build with earth in Ghana

ISOPTERRA is a non-profit project born out of a collaboration between students as part of the Solar Decathlon Afrika. Since then two students from TH Lübeck in Germany have initiated a project, together with other collaborators, to building and test houses made of earth in Butre, Ghana, using various different building techniques.

The intention is develop low-cost building prototypes that are self-sufficient and energy-efficient. The project uses only local materials to build high quality earth buildings that are attractive, comfortable and functional. The goal is to tackle the prevailing housing shortage, to build in a climate-neutral way and to reduce dependency on imported building materials.

At the site in Butre, ISOPTERRA offers workshops on self-sufficiency and sustainable construction, taught by locals. The goal is to preserve and revive knowledge of Ghana’s earth-building techniques.

The project also focuses on community living and cultural exchange and is framed by student exchanges between Lübeck, Ghana and Turkey. Students learn new construction techniques abroad and can use them in their home countries.

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