Terrafibra Award

Terra Fibra Award

Global Award in Contemporary Earthen and Plant Fibre-Based Architectures

This global award aims at promoting the aesthetic properties, the construction advantages and the environmental benefits of 40 buildings thought and built with earth, plant fibres or both. Following on from the TERRA Award in 2016, and the FIBRA Award in 2019, this third edition sheds light on the combination of materials in contemporary architecture. This new event will allow the greater public to discover bio-sourced and mineral materials, while encouraging the development of local industries. Applications are free of charge and open until 3 March 2021.

Promises made by governments to fight climate change call for a considerable reduction of the environmental footprint of existing and future constructions. This can be achieved through the use of earth and rapid growth plants; when combined, they drive down the exploitation of non-renewable materials and the energy consumption on the entire life cycle of buildings. Using bio-sourced and mineral resources can lead to the creation of many jobs and boost local economies.

Thousands of buildings in rammed earth, adobe, cob, CEB, as well as bamboo, reed or straw are being built all around our planet and getting the attention of medias and professionals. The TERRAFIBRA Award wants to turn the spotlight on the most inspiring ones. The objective is to reward outstanding projects while praising the courage of clients who have selected bio-sourced and mineral materials, the creativity of designers and the known-how of craftsmen and contractors.


The TERRAFIBRA Award is open to new or renovated buildings, built on any continent, with a significant quantity of earth and/or plant fibres, and completed after January 2010. Candidates can apply online until 3 March 2021 at Applications: TERRAFIBRA Award.

There are 10 categories:

Buildings with wooden structures are not eligible as they are the object of many awards already. The award relates to all earthen building techniques: rammed earth, adobe, cob, CEB, etc. and techniques involving the use of plant fibres: bamboo, reed, hemp, flax, straw, seagrass, mycelium, seaweed, etc. A wood structure project can be eligible if the wood is combined with one or several bio sourced materials.

40 finalists, 10 winners, a travelling exhibition and a book In May 2021, a first jury will choose 40 finalist buildings that are composed of earth and/or plant fibres, offer innovative solutions, promote local resources and know-how while taking into account the aesthetics of the building. These projects will have international exposure through the travelling exhibition and an associated book.

In September 2021, the jury of honour will choose a winning project among the 40 projects, in each of the 10 categories.

How to apply?

Online applications should be submitted before 3 March 2021 on Applications: TERRAFIBRA Award. Rules are available here: Regulations TERRAFIBRA Award 2021.


The TERRAFIBRA Award is a product of the merging of two awards created by amàco and Dominique Gauzin-Müller: the TERRA Award 2016 and the FIBRA Award 2019. This third edition is carried out and coordinated by Grands Ateliers and amàco, in partneship with CRAterre and ETH Zurich.