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Fundamentals of Ecological Building

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Professur Grundlagen des Ökologischen Bauens
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The Department “Fundamentals of Ecological Planning and Building” at the Faculty of Architecture was established in 1997. It is conceived not as a conventional subject area but as an interdisciplinary unit which aims to bring together activities in the field of building and the environment, working across the boundaries of individual disciplines, and aiming to identify and develop principles and tendencies.

In all its activities and teaching the department seeks to convey key aspects of ecological building to participating students, in particular:

Building with earth is represented in the department by a staff member with long-standing specialist experience. The content includes the teaching of fundamental principles, materials research, practical trials and realised constructions.


Courses on “Building with Earth” are offered as part of several different diploma and master courses at the Faculties of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Courses consist of two stages:

  1. Lecture series “Building with earth”, 4 credit points (winter semester)
  2. Building practice on real sites (one week), 3 credit points (summer semester)


Research in building with earth at the department focuses on the following areas:

Entrance Requirements

The following may participate in courses at the department: