10 – 13 October 2007 ~ Aveiro, Portugal

5th Seminar of Earth Architecture in Portugal

The UA/University of Aveiro, ESG/Gallaecia Superior School, FCO/Foundation Convent of Orada and the CdT/Association Centre of Earth are the organisers and hosts of the 5th Seminar of Earth Architecture in Portugal (5th ATP), which will take place from the 10th to the 13th of October 2007 in the University of Aveiro, Portugal. Since its creation in 2003, the Portuguese Seminar on Earth Architecture as been evolving increasingly with the participation of European and Iberoamerican professionals.

The 3rd ATP Seminar occurred simultaneously with the IV Latin-American Seminar of Earth Construction (in Monsaraz) and in 2006, the 4th ATP Seminar took place together with the I Seminar of Construction and Architecture with Earth in Brazil (TerraBrasil 2006, Ouro Preto). The quality of the communications presented during these seminars evidences its international dimension, as well as the Portuguese contribution to the development of this particular subject.


To promote the university cooperation in the research field related to the construction and conservation of Earth Architecture; to contribute for the improvement of the construction’s quality; to foster the formation and, likewise, the proper preparation of national, regional and local technicians, working directly with construction and conservation of Earth Architecture; to deep the research in all fields of architecture and construction with earth; to contribute for a more sustainable local development; to disseminate the contemporary earth architecture; to encourage the use of traditional and natural materials with more energetic effectiveness, as well as local formation strategies, regarding a higher social interaction.

30th April 2007 – Abstracts due
07th May 2007 – Acceptance of abstracts
31st May 2007 – Papers due
15th June 2007 – Papers’ review
15th July 2007 – Final papers delivery
11th-13th Oct 2007 – Seminar dates

V ATP – Seminário Arquitectura de Terra em Portugal
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