23 – 25 November 2007 ~ Madrid, Spain

XXI Conference on Earthen Architecture in Spain 2007

XXI Conference on Earthen Architecture in Spain 2007

The XXI International Conference on Earthen Architecture in Spain 2007 is organised by the Navapalos Foundation, and Inter-Acción (ONGD). It takes place from the 23rd to the 25th of November 2007 at the National Museum of Anthropology, Calle Alfonso XII, 68 28014 MADRID.

In this conference, the Foundation aims to reflect upon the progress and changes in the field of earth construction over the past few years, experiments, both personal and professional, which have taken place not only in Spain, but also in other EU countries and the rest of the world (Latin America, Africa…).

From an ethnological-anthropological point of view and in support of popular architectural and monumental heritage, and also guided by a socio-cultural spirit of international cooperation and development, our aim is the study and investigation of earth as a building material and the development of training courses, which significantly expanded its fields of application.

Earth as a building material derived from natural resources, as a means of sustainable development and of saving energy for bioclimatic and contemporary housing paves the way for professional and business innovation. Nevertheless, we should not forget environmental concerns, the preservation and restoration of earthen architecture in all its dimensions and as a means of socio-cultural support for rural and urban landscapes.


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