25 August – 3 September 2017 ~ Mooste Manor, Estonia

Archimadness 2017, Estonia


A major gathering for architects, engineers and natural builders

Archimadness is a major gathering where an international group of experts, architects, engineers, natural builders, students and enthusiast are brought together to:

  • learn from each other
  • inspire each other
  • play with natural materials
  • make contacts, collaborate and network
  • develop materials for wide distribution together
  • have a lot of fun

Did you know that Estonian earth building heritage is unique in the whole world? It’s a treasure to be proud of. We have launched several projects to include people and organizations from within and beyond Estonian borders to help maintain and revive this heritage.

Now we need your help to take the next step and develop solutions for renovating old clay buildings and putting them to use in accordance with today’s needs and possibilities. A freely distributable guiding material will be developed based on your work which could be used in Estonia and other countries with similar problems.

Hands-on Workshop – 28-29 August

Romain Anger, Gian Franco Noriega, Zoé Tric & Etienne Samin from www.amaco.org

To tune in we start with a two-day earth building workshop. It is led by trainers from Amàco, from France, cream of the crop in the field. It is a fascinating combination of science and building techniques.

Tour – 30 August

Trainer: Marko Kikas
Mentor: Prof. Christof Ziegert

On the third day, we’ll visit earth buildings in South-Estonia and have a short workshop on their restoration. Some of these buildings will be the basis for group work further on, participants will
have a chance to thoroughly get to know these buildings.

Open conference and fair – 31 August

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christof Ziegert
Bjorn Kierulf
Dr. Arnaud Evrard
Dr. Romain Anger

The fourth day will host an open conference and a mini-fair, where companies and organisations active in the field present their products and services.

Group work – 1-2 September

Inspired by the Garage48 concept, the next 48 hours is dedicated to group work where participants develop solutions for renovating old earth buildings and putting them to use in accordance with today’s needs and possibilities. A freely distributable guiding material will be developed based on this group work.

Closing ceremony – 3 September

On Sunday, we will end with a festive ceremony – sum up the event, make plans, hand out certificates and thanks.

Taking part and tickets

Early bird until August 6 | 420,00 €
From August 7 | 475,00 €
The fee includes access to the whole event (August 28 – September 3) and 3 meals per day.
The whole program is in English.

Open conference and fair only on August 31 | 20,00 €
Contains entrance to the conference, evening party, and lunch
Dinner | 10,00 €
Conference is in English


EESTIMAAEHITUS Competence Center for Traditional and Ecological Building.

Mikk Luht and Kerti Vissel
Mooste Manor, Restorers´ house
Põlva County 64616 Estonia

Tel: +372 56 226 066
Email: tere@eestimaaehitus.ee
Homepage: www.archimadness.com

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