28 February – 4 March 2011 ~ Say’un, Wadi Hadramut, Yemen

Earth Architecture | Mud, Stone & Shale 2011

Earth Architecture | Mud, Stone & Shale 2011

The University of Hadramut for Science & Technology, Mukalla and the Da’wan Mud Brick Architecture Foundation are pleased to announce the Second Conference on Mud Brick Architecture to be held in Hadramut in 2011 under the title: Earth Architecture | Mud, Stone & Shale

The conference will provide a platform to discuss and exchange information amongst international architects, academics, participants and foundations on the condition of past and future cities with innovative and creative projects in construction and design including a wide spectrum from Chile to India. This intends to create an important link and exchange between North and South, east and west, where the technology architectural language and environment of earth architecture requires to be more seriously and effectively implemented. The fact that it is being held in the heart of the kingdom of mud brick architecture, Valley of Hadramut, serves a significant case in point.

Venue: Say’un, Wadi Hadramut | Republic of Yemen

Dates: 28 February – 4 March 2011

Official Language:
English & Arabic for presentation (Papers in French will be accepted for publication in the Conference proceedings).

Conference Themes:

  1. Architectural Rehabilitation and Development
  2. Modern & Contemporary Buildings: Innovation, Construction and Design (Case Studies and Projects)
  3. Yemeni Cities & Vernacular Architecture at Risk: Dilapidation, Destruction & Flood Damage
  4. Future Use of Restored Residential Clusters & Heritage Landmarks
  5. Environmental Issues: Sustainable Planning Methods & Guidelines

Attending international participants include leading specialists, academics and architects from India, Chile, Portugal, Italy, UK, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and France.

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