7 – 8 September 2018 ~ Poysdorf-Ketzelsdorf, Austria

Kellergasse Poysdorf (Bild: Poysdorf Tourismus)

“Kellergasse” Earth Building Workshop

The “Netzwerk Lehm” in Austria together with the municipality of “Poysdorf”, “Poysdorfer Kellerakademie” and Lehmbau BOKU – Earthen architectural heritage in Austria are running a workshop at Alte Geringen, Poysdorf-Ketzelsdort as part of this year’s European Cultural Heritage Year and the Poysdorfer Wine Festival.

Kellergassen – or wine cellar lanes – are a characteristic feature of the vineyards of Lower Austria and part of its architectural heritage. Many were traditionally made of earth. » Photos


The earth building workshop examines the earth building heritage of Kellergassen, typical damage patterns and possible approaches to their renovation and maintenance.

  • Kellergassen: Forms and History (C. Kalch)
  • Kellergassen: Renovation, upkeep and maintenance (C. Kalch)
  • Presentation of a Kellergassen land register
  • Historical earth building techniques
  • Material properties
  • Sources of earth and geology
  • Earth mixtures: own mixtures from local sources of earth or pre-mixed earth mixtures?
  • Working with the raw material
  • Damage patterns, causes and renovation measures
  • What to be aware of when combining earth with lime and cement
  • Practical renovation techniques in the Kellergasse Alte Geringen


Christian Kalch, Franz Ottner, Roland Meingast, Hubert Feiglstorfer, Thomas Schauppenlehner


Please note: the workshop will be conducted in German!


Restorers, craftsmen and women with experience in renovating old buildings, Kellergasse specialists, builders, architects, members of the BDA and public authorities


7-8 September 2017, 9:30 – 17:00


Poysdorf-Ketzelsdorf, Kellergasse Alte Geringen, Presshaus Hugl-Wimmer

The workshop is a practical course – bring working tools and work clothes.


50 € for 1 day, 80 € for both days. The two days are different with day 2 building on day 1.


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