4 – 5 September 2008 ~ Lefkoşa, Northern Cyprus

kerpic '08

Kerpic '08: Learning from earth architecture in climate-change

The International Kerpic ’08 Conference will be held at the Cyprus International University, in Lefkoşa, Northern Cyprus, on the 4th and 5th of September 2008. The focus of the conference has evolved from quality of life in earthen architecture, environmental and health care, towards disaster prevention. The intention is to bring together the related disciplines of architects and engineers, on material, construction, marketing and environmental science, to create database, technology watch and strategy.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Cyprus has been inhabited since the Neolithic period in history by different cultures. Stone and earthen materials are characteristics of Cyprus vernacular architecture and the Island is especially famous for its earthen traditional houses and villages. A workshop will be organized on site which will cover the restoration of a local earthen building and the construction method of Alker (gypsum stabilized earthen material) where all the participants can take part.

September is the best time in Cyprus for a seaside vacation. In addition to the formal schedule of events, a social and cultural program will offer a historical tour to the interesting parts of North Cyprus.

Themes of the Conference

  1. Learning from earthen architecture in climate change.
  2. Mediterranean earthen architectural heritage.
  3. Living sites and local knowledge.
  4. Management of architectural heritage.
  5. Disaster prevention.
  6. Standards and guidelines.
  7. Small island ecological aspects.
  8. Advances in researches.
  9. Earthen architecture with ultimate technologies.


Çevik Uraz Conference Hall
Cyprus International University


Before / After 1 Aug 2008

International Presenter 300 € / 350 €
National Presenter 220 € / 250 €
Accompanying person 160 € / 180 €
Other Participants 60 € / 70 €
International/National Student Presenter 170 € / 180 €
National Student 60 € / 70 €

Full Conference fees include: lunch, morning and afternoon teas, half-day historical tour, workshop, full paper publication, conference dinner.

  • Lunches & dinners are not included in student fees.


Dr Bilge IŞIK, Chairperson
Çiler Kırşan YÜKSELEN, Co-chairperson

Cyprus International University (CIU), Faculty of Fine Arts,
Haspolat, Lefkoşa, Northern Cyprus
Tel: +90 392 671 11 11 (Ext: 2120)

kerpic08 [at] ciu.edu.tr

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