9 July – 30 September 2017 ~ Abetenim, Ghana

MudCafeteria, Abetenim, Ghana

MudCafeteria – A school cafeteria in Ghana

The workshop will take place from the 9th of July till the 30th of September. During this period volunteers are invited to join us for any number of weeks. We aim to compose a group of at least 30 volunteers who will, on a rotating basis, help us build the cafeteria. We want to make it very clear that you do not have to study or work in the field of architecture or engineering in able to apply. We even encourage people with a different professional background who could bring some other qualities to the project (for example photography, pedagogics, culinary skills, and so on). The only thing we expect from all our participants is a healthy motivation and a positive attitude. We also require each participant to stay at least two 2 weeks.

Students can use the opportunity for an internship, thesis or personal research Students from the TU Vienna, for example, have the possibility to get ECTS-points for participating in our workshop. We therefore advise students to inquire at their home universities if some kind of renumeration is possible. We can gladly help you by providing certain information for your home university or establish contact with a Professor at the TU in Vienna. Each volunteer will receive a certificate of participation which he or she can show then at their home universities.


Costs for staying 2 weeks are approx:

Participation fee: 300,- €
Board and lodging: 100, -€
every additional week costs: 100,-€

Participation fee: the participation fee will foremostly be used for the organisation of the workshop in Abetenim, excursions, drinks, facilities (more comfort) etc.

Please note:
Airfare, visa (a three-month visa costs about 100,-€) and vaccinations (see chapter 10) are on your behalf. Inquiry at the Ghanese Embassy in your home country for further information on visa-applications and costs. Flights from Vienna or Munich are currently approx. 550-750€.

Travel information

A visa is required for most visitors from outside of West Africa, which can be issued via Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in your region. Participants should consider this early on in the process to allow time for completion.

Contact and applications

In collaboration with the NKA Foundation.

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