26 August – 1 September 2019 ~ Mošorin, Serbia

Regio Earth Festival 2019

REGIO EARTH festival is the third edition of an itinerary festival about earthen architecture, design and art. It is an initiative of Sárkollektíva (Hungary) and TERRApia (Romania) to connect the earth lovers and specialists from Central and Eastern Europe. This festival will combine more than 15 different workshops and lectures from local and European experts working in the field of restoration, modern building, decoration of earth architecture as well as some local materials (such as reed and rush.) RE festival is open to public from the region, but also Europe: self-constructors, pupils of technical schools, students of architecture and conservation, craftspeople, kids etc.

Official language of the festival is English.

Festival participants will have the change to take part in 8 different workshops over the course of five days:

  • WS1 – Earth tests with Alina and Alessandro, TERRApia, Romania
  • WS2 – Discovering materials with Anne Lemarquis, France
  • WS3 – Rammed earth bench: Bojan Roganović, Serbia
  • WS4 – info panel – Japanese plasters with Gergely Barna, Sárkollektíva, Hungary
  • WS5 – Clay plasters with A& A (TERRApia) and Gabriella Revesz, Sárkollektíva, Hungary
  • WS6 – Decoration with clay with Isabella Breda, Italy
  • WS7 – Rammed earth with Dragana & Bojan, Adam & Gergely, France, Serbia
  • WS8 – different earth wall infills with Vinko and Bojan, Croatia, Serbia
  • WS9 – raised beds with Ružica Janjić, Serbia
  • WS10 – Murals with Consuelo Ceballos Silva, Chile
  • Green Roof Workshop, ZMAG, Croatia

Full details on the workshops are available online.


The village of Mošorin is located at the foot of Titel Bay, half an hour from Novi Sad or an hour from Belgrade and 6 kilometres from the Tisa River.

Prices and Registration

The festival can be booked alone or in combination with the Balkan Earth Conference that takes place beforehand.

» Festival attendance fee: 180 € – Register online
» Festival and conference fee: 240 € – Register online

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