3 – 8 November 2008 ~ São Luís, Maranhão, Brasil

terrabrasil 2008

TerraBrasil 2008

VII Ibero-American Seminar on Construction with Earth and the II Congress on Architecture and Construction with Earth in Brazil.

The first Seminar on Architecture and Construction with Earth in Brazil took place in 2006 in Ouro Preto in partnership with IV Architecture of Earth in Portugal. The success of the event, which surpassed all expectations, brought together researchers and professionals from many countries including Portugal, the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

The Terrabrasil 2008 takes place in São Luís, a city with a significant historical legacy that is known for its beauty and hospitality.

The Congress aims to bring together professionals, researchers, students and interested persons and is open to all independent of their specific background.

The conference focuses on old historical constructions made of earth as well as news; on specific disciplinary approaches, such as anthropology, pedagogy, engineering and architecture, and on approaches that take a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary approach that is anchored in several areas of the knowledge.

This conference also discusses an important subject that has been accorded little attention in previous events: the health of constructions. In him, it intends to create the space to discuss the question of the hygiene and particularly the stigma associated with houses made of earth: the terrible disease of Chagas, which is no longer restricted to Latin-America, and has been observed in Canada, the United States, Spain and other countries.

The articles to be presented at the TERRABRASIL 2008 make it an important source of information, with current matters developed by specialists and professionals with wide-ranging inquiries and several projects concerned with earth architecture and building with earth.

Note: this is a translation and details may not be correct. Please see the homepage (in Portuguese) for full details.

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