Uni-terra is a networking platform for the global exchange of information, experience and know-how in earth architecture and building with earth at an academic level.

Its aim is to facilitate knowledge transfer and to support the development of expertise in the field and its long-term availability for future generations.


Many universities and academic institutions around the world offer courses on building with earth. Some are actively engaged in earth architecture, others offer individual courses at recurring but irregular intervals. Many are not or only sporadically represented online.

Uni-terra provides departments or academic institutions with a permanent means of presenting themselves and their activities. This serves several purposes:

Who is it for?

Personnel and students of departments and faculties at universities or colleges, as well as research and other educational institutions concerned with and actively engaged in the field of earth architecture and building with earth.

Who is behind uni-terra?

Uni-terra is an initiative by the Dachverband Lehm e.V, the German Association for Building with Earth. The DVL is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting building with earth at several levels. It has established building regulations for the use of earth as a building material, and developed a training programme for best practice in building.

In addition to providing general information on building with earth, the DVL also aims to support the continuing implementation of appropriate earth building practice for future generations through academic teaching and research. Uni·terra aims to supports this aspect at an international level.