7 May 2021, Online

Earth Build Europe 2021

Europe’s earth building heritage came under sustained attack in the 20th century. Slowly our earthen heritage is rediscovering its place as a key contributor to the built environment. Happily Europe is currently experiencing a rapid growth in skills, knowledge, competence, experience, research and regulation, but it is also experiencing cultural resistance, climate crisis and network challenges.

Earth Build Europe (Facebook) offers ways to understand the threads of these multiple challenges and in this event we discuss how they weave together and how they can be enlivened, strengthened and grown. We are blending voices from organisations, industry and the digital world, bridging the gaps between different disciplines and actors, skills and knowledge, users and producers, designers and practitioners, regulators and funders and the wider, seemingly indifferent, society.

How the event works:

The hosts will lead three conversations, each featuring three or four 15 minute presentations by our key speakers. During the presentations attendees can pose questions which are addressed in the three Q&A sessions. Our engaging speakers, all known outside their own countries, will lead the Q&A with the conversation host. There are no expectations that we will find answers to all the questions but we hope to stimulate a good discussion. Between each conversation we have an opportunity to share short films from across the continent and beyond sharing new knowledge, earth projects old, new, under construction and upcoming earth events.


CONVERSATION 1: How do we grow our earth building network?

hosted by: Rowland Keable, EBUKI

  • The natural building knowledge network
    Oliver Swann, Natural Homes
  • Where can European collaboration take us?
    Lydie Didier, Asterre
  • Long lasting, robust earth building networks: Which is the secret?
    Maria Brown, ESTEPA
  • Potential alliances across the eco-build sector
    Herbert Gruber, ASBA

CONVERSATION 2: Climate Crisis – is our response enough?

hosted by: Louise Halestrap, EBUKI & CAT

  • Earth’s potential to de-carbonise construction
    Peter Walker, University of Bath
  • Will Environmental Product Declarations have significant impact?
    Horst Schroeder, Dachverband Lehm
  • Can industry and the market outcompete carbon-tech?
    Ulrich Röhlen, Claytech

CONVERSATION 3: How is the culture of earth building evolving?

hosted by: Tom Morton, EBUKI

  • Using earth building to reaffirm our humanity
    Becky Little, Rebearth
  • Are aesthetics a useful driver for designers?
    Stephan Jörchel, Dachverband Lehm
  • Heritage or brave new traditions?
    Hildigunnur Sverrisdóttir, Iceland University of Arts
  • Earth, a global cultural dialogue
    Sergio Sabbadini, ANAB & Terra Migaki Design

Details and signup

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