1st International Hemp Building Symposium

The 1st International Hemp Building Symposium will highlight the innovative ways in which hemp materials can be used to make Hemp Fibre insulation, Hempcrete made of Hemp-lime or Hemp-clay, and Hemp Plasters together with the design, construction and the lifestyle benefits of living in such buildings.


Focussing on materials for sustainable and affordable construction, NOCMAT 2009 will provide an international forum for information dissemination and exchange, discussions and debates on research and practice in a range of sustainable and innovative construction materials and technologies.

Eng D Studentship in Siesmically Resistant Mud Brick Construction

EngD 4 year studentship in mud brick construction in collaboration with Ramboll UK, the Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering at the University College London.

AdobeUSA 2009 – Call for Papers

The 5th Adobe Conference of the Adobe Association of the Southwest, AdobeUSA 2009, will take place May 15 and 16, 2009 in El Rito, New…

Building as if People Mattered

House building has developed from traditional, vernacular, handmade to industrialized, mechanical and highly specialized. The natural building movement brings back to our awareness what we…

LEHM 2008

The LEHM 2008, the 5th international conference and trade fair on building with earth, will take place in Koblenz, Germany, and covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from case studies of current earth building projects, new technological developments in building with earth and the establishment of norms, information networks, training and education in earth building, and current research and problems in earth building practice around the world. The confererence closes with a choice of field trips in the earth building region around Koblenz.

TerraBrasil 2008

The Terrabrasil 2008 is the second Ibero-American congress on architecture and construction with earth and takes place in São Luís, a city with a significant historical legacy that is known for its beauty and hospitality. The Congress aims to bring together professionals, researchers, students and interested persons and is open to all independent of their specific background.

Kerpic '08: Learning from earth architecture in climate-change

Kerpic ’08 intends to bring together the related disciplines of architects and engineers, on material, construction, marketing and environmental science to create database, technology watch and strategy.